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Andrew Haley, Associate Pastor
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Andrew Haley has been an associate pastor with us since 2014.  He was saved at an early age, and raised in a wonderful Christian home. He was given the opportunity to grow up in a Christian school his whole life and through his high school years be very involved in a local youth group. While attending camp in his teens, he surrendered his life to ministry. Andrew attended Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Mo and met his wife, Tiffany, while living out there. In 2010 they moved back to Delaware. Since then they have had 2 beautiful girls, Noel and Josie, and loves spending time with family and friends in and around our local community.

Pastor Hayden has been a life-long influence in Andrew’s life. Pastor Hayden was serving as the associate pastor at First Baptist Church in New Castle, DE when Andrew was in the 6th grade. Quietly, Andrew watched him as he had a major influence on his life and helped shape his desire to want to server as an administrative pastor. Now, he has the opportunity to work alongside of him daily for God’s greater glory. 

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