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Lighthouse Adult Groups

From Ladies LIFE to Men’s Ironman, our groups are to help you grow in the LORD and are designed to strengthen friendships, deepen faith, and connect you with others to experience life together. 

LIFE – “Ladies Involved 4 Fellowship & Evangelism”

Our ladies’ ministry, LIFE, brings women together for Bible Studies, dinners, craft times, and reaching out to our communities. Our LIFE ministry is for all women to come to know the love of our Lord Jesus Christ and develop a personal relationship with him.  Our ministry encourages women to grow in the LORD and meet other women who love the Lord.   We feature Bible studies monthly and ministries that reach out into the community, and everyone is always welcomed.  Our Ladies host a Women’s conference in September, that seeks to uplift women and speak to needs of women today, as they walk with Christ.



Ironman is an opportunity to discover what God desires and expects for men. As we view videos, have Bible studies, and various activities, we see viewpoints and thoughts for men to build their lives for Christ.  It is our desire to see men grow closer to God and develop relationships with other men like David & Jonathan. We have activities and events to help develop strong friendships and encouragement for each other.  Please come join us for monthly Bible studies from October to April and throughout the year with other events that allow God to change you as we attempt to grow closer to the image of Jesus.  Men’s Ironman is all about building men to face todays decisions and leading their lives and family for God’s glory.


Lighthouse Small Groups

Lighthouse Small Groups are meant to connect with others, in host homes, gathering together for Bible study, eat, pray, and encourage one another.


Ladies of loving Hearts 

Ladies of loving Hearts is our Widows & Sr. Ladies ministry.  Woman’s Conference in September, Craft nights, and more for Lighthouse ladies.   Our ministry to our Widows & Sr. Ladies is to help them with various needs that they may have.  To help watch over, pray for, and make sure they are safe.  We want to encourage, and make sure they can come to all church events and activities.  Each widow is placed in a small group with care group leaders that keep in contact with them.  Monthly luncheons, trips and activities are done to give them opportunities to grow friendships and provide things to do.

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